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Locks and keys were known long before the birth of Christ. They were bigger than and not as complicated as today’s design; yet the principle of the mechanisms was basically the same as the modern pin-tumbler locks of today. Locksmiths were considered a master tradesman. Read Below for the History of Locks

At this time, locks were made of wood. The master locksmith was a trade then as it is today. At Lock around the Clock, we still have the same aim for excellence.

The oldest example of a mechanical lock was found known as an Egyptian door lock, because of it's widespread use in Egypt. It was completely enclosed save for a small opening for the key. Moveable pins were dropped by gravity into cavities on the crossbar and locked the door. As the key was used the lock would move hidden pins out of the way and allow the crossbar to be removed. This was the forerunner of the modern pin tumbler style of lock that we use today. Being a locksmith was a Specialist job even in Egyptian times

The Greeks used a lock that worked by fastening the wooden bolt and staple to the inside of the door. The key, a wooden or iron key lifted the bolt. This lock, compared to the latter one provided little security unlike today, where security and peace of mind is our main objective. At Lock Around The Clock security is our highest priority and as a fully trained locksmith I can give you that peace of mind.

The Romans fabricated the first metal lock based on Egyptian principles. They designed pins of various shapes with keys and keyholes. Many of the keys were fancy designs, such as flowers or birds. As a leading locksmith Lock around the clock we carry all spares required to make you secure. For all your local locksmith requirements in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas contact us today. For all your local locksmith requirements in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire contact us today.

The locksmiths designed locks whose cost and strength linked to the value of what they were protecting. The need to protect from intruders remains the same today, not much has changed. At Lock around the Clock we provide peace of mind by providing a professional service at a reasonable price.

In the 14th century, the locksmiths guilds became prominent. In order to be accepted as a master locksmith, you had to create and submit a working lock and key to the guild. Today we have The BritishLocksmiths & Key Cutters Association. Today locksmiths sell, install, maintain and repair locksand other security devices. They also make copies of keys, replace lost keys and open locks when needed. They have to apply skills in metalwork, woodwork, mechanics and electronics.


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Lock Around the Clock is a locally based, mobile locksmith , in Hertfordshire covering Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas. A well-established locksmith company, we pride ourselves on providing a quality locksmith service, with no call-out charge for our lock repairs.

For a fast ,efficient and reliablelocksmith locally based, including Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and Buckinghamshire.Contact me today.

We provide all types of locksmith services in Beds, Bucks and Herts including and Our emergency locksmith service is second to none - we aim to get to you within one hour.

Complaints - Where we cannot resolve any complaints using our own complaints procedure, as a Which? Trusted trader we use Ombudsmen Services Ltd for dispute resolution. In the unlikely event of a complaint arising and you wish to refer the complaint to them please contact Which? Trusted traders in the first instance on 0117 981 2929.

3 reasons to use Lock Around The Clock - Your Local Locksmith

Local Company Serving Local People

Established for over 8 years,we have built a reputation for honesty and reliability for all our services.

Based in Hemel Hempstead serving the surrounding Area

Our emergency locksmith service is second to none – we aim to get to you within one hour.

we are local and all our lock repair work is fully guaranteed.

Emergency Lock and Door Opening - Locks fitted and changed to BS3621 - Burglary Repairs to damaged locks - Specialist UPVC Door Locks .

As a leading Locksmith we aim to maintain and improve relationships within our community in Hemel Hempstead, London Colney, St Albans, Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City and with other businesses in Hertfordshire and further afield. Below is a list of testimonials from our customers:

"We came home to the horror of our back door lock spinning when we tried to open it, with no front door key, my elderly wife was very distressed. I called several locksmiths in the Yellow Pages and could not find any locksmiths in the Welwyn Garden City area who could help I tried further afield in Hertfordshire and contacted a locksmith ‘Lock Around the Clock’. They were very helpful on the 'phone and completed the job in a efficient and professional manner. I have since seen their website for their locksmith services and the sentence ‘we have built a reputation for honesty and reliability for all our lock repair services . We pride ourselves on providing an excellent service at a competitive price – we are local and all our lock repair work is fully guaranteed’ rings true for my wife and myself. Thank you."

Mr & Mrs GB, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire (Herts)

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